"Don't be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others."
Please contact us to share your story of success in recovery. Your story can help inspire others. The amount of information that you share is up to you and can certainly remain confidential if you wish.

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I had the opportunity to meet with “Jane” last week.  Jane graciously invited me into her home to share her story of struggle and recovery.  Also attending was Becky Paris, a counselor with the Medina County Opiate Response Team through Alternative Paths and the Medina County Sheriff’s Department.

Jane described that she had been “living in a dark world” and struggling with anger and drug use; “even my animals wanted out, she said.” On December 1st, Jane said “I was just so mad, I used heroin, did it all.” She is tearful and upset, and it is difficult for her to talk about this day. Fortunately, her sister came over and found her. She described seeing officers and her sister when she regained consciousness. She stated “I was so humiliated.”  Jane was taken to the hospital by the paramedics and then to jail. In jail she was visited by Becky Paris with the Opiate Response Team. She stated, “I remember her smile, and thinking of the city of Paris and feeling hope.”

Jane feels “drugs and alcohol are but a symptom.” She said “I don’t know if I ever loved getting drunk or high, but I liked not being able to feel”. She told us she tells herself “everyone has choices, and people go through stuff every day.” Jane still struggles with guilt over her use, and states she has put her parents through a great deal over the years. She worries about being a good role model for her grandson and making a positive impact on his life. She shared that she was worried about who would take care of her animals if something happened to her or she went to jail. She said her animals were unhealthy and stressed out when she was using, and since she has been clean, they are doing much better.

Jane declared that members of the Opiate Response Team helped to get her involved with treatment and came to visit her once she was released from jail.  She is participating in Intensive Outpatient Treatment, counseling, and attends AA meetings where she has a sponsor and a co-sponsor. Her motto for recovery is “Prayer, Practice, and People of change.” She also says that journaling helps a lot. As a part of her recovery, she gets up at 5 am every day to prepare her for her day. She reads, prays, watches church on television, and writes a gratitude list.  Jane asks God to help her help herself so that she can help others. 

Jane shared “starting stuff is easy, continuing is hard.”   She has been in recovery before and is using those tools and new ones in her quest to remain alcohol and drug free. Meeting with Jane is a reminder of how important it is to keep up the fight against addiction every day.  In her recovery, Jane is an inspiration. She is finding her true worth and realizing the steps she needs to take to continue on the path of sobriety.