Addiction Treatment Program (ATP) Grant
• Provides funding for treatment and ancillary services for Specialized Docket Drug Court participants engaged with Medina Common Pleas Court.
• Funding available for participants eligible for Medication-Assisted Treatment services; with Opioid and/or Alcohol Use Disorders.

Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health (CJBH) Linkage Grant
• Provides funding for linkage services for individuals incarcerated at the Medina County Jail and Juvenile Detention Center.
• Assists with linking individuals to follow up treatment, medication and psychiatric services to prevent recidivism.

Jail Psychotropic Medication Assistance
• Received a grant to assist with the cost of psychotropic drugs dispensed in the Medina County Jail.

Medication Assisted Treatment- Prescription Drug and Opioid Addiction (MAT-PDOA) Grant
• Funding provided to Alternative Paths to expand or enhance access to Medication-Assisted Treatment services through an Opiate Response Team (ORT) for persons with an Opioid Use Disorder.

Medina County Health Department
• Narcan Kits available to the public through the Health Department's Project DAWN Clinic.

Medina County Opiate Response Team (MCORT)
• Grant funding to Alternative Paths for the Medina County Opiate Response Team, which was formed in partnership with the Medina County Sheriff’s Department.

Mental Health Prison Re-entry
• Grant funding to Alternative Paths to provide community linkage for offenders with severe mental illness.

Opiate Task Force
• Created an Opiate Task Force in partnership with the Medina County Health Department, which included over 200 members, and has led to building three working subcommittees.


Child Guidance & Family Solutions
• Contract to provide Early Childhood Mental Health services to Medina County preschools through the Whole Child Matters funding.

Children’s Center Capital Campaign
• Provided funding to The Children’s Center to assist the center with continuing to nurture abused and neglected children through collaboration, advocacy, treatment and prevention.

Inter-Agency Collaborative Assessment Team (ICAT)
• Assistance with services for those youth with severe and persistent mental health issues who have been unsuccessful in traditional forms of local treatment.

Medina County Juvenile Drug Court Program
• Funding through Alternative Paths to support the substance abuse and mental health treatment of teens involved with Medina Juvenile Court.

Medina County Police Activities League (MCPAL)
• Furnished program funding to provide behavioral health resources to high risk youth.

Mental Health First Aid
• The Medina County ADAMH Board is collaborating with Kent State University to bring this program to all seven Medina County School Districts.

Prevention Services
• Funding through contracted agencies to provide school and community-wide.

Share Cluster
• Leadership events, youth Extreme Challenge, Tobacco Education, and Workshops.

Student Drug Testing Kits
• Medina City Schools and Wadsworth City Schools


Community Assessment & Treatment Services (CATS)
• ADAMH Board provided funding for all start-up expenses at CATS’ new residential treatment center.

Hope Recovery Community (HRC)
• ADAMH Board purchased a building to be the home of Hope Recovery Community.
• ADAMH Board providing funding for peer recovery services.
• HRC will provide peer recovery services and a wide array of recovery supports.

Jail Clinical Services
• Funding to Alternative Paths to provide clinical services within the County Jail.

Kite Fest
• Provided funding to support this community event which is dedicated to drug awareness, prevention and treatment.

Medina County Common Pleas Mental Health Court
• Funding to Alternative Paths for Forensic Monitoring and Case Management services for Specialized Docket Mental Health Court participants engaged with Medina Common Pleas Court.

Mental Health First Aid
• Funding to the Medina County Health Department to provide Mental Health First Aid training to community members.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Medina County
• Funding provided to Alternative Paths to participate in education, support and advocacy for those living with mental illness and their families.

Recovery Support Systems Ad Hoc Committee
• Formed to identify and evaluate current recovery support systems in Medina County and make recommendations for ways to increase access and potentially expand and sustain those services.

State Addiction Conference
• Funding registrations for local providers and individuals in recovery.

Suicide Prevention Coalition
• Funding for operation of this committee.
• Sponsorship of the annual suicide prevention walk.


HANDS Foundation
• Funding for Senior Prevention Services in Brunswick, Medina, Wadsworth and Lodi.

Catholic Charities Community Services- Medina County
• Home-Based Case Management for Seniors.


Cathy's House
• Support for Sober Living Facility.

Manhattan and Jefferson Apartments
• Housing units purchased by the Medina County ADAMH Board for long term housing.

Medina Metropolitan Housing Authority (MMHA)
• Contract with MMHA to manage properties for those with severe and persistent mental health issues, and to provide HUD/Housing consultation services.

Northland Place I and II
• Housing units owned and operated by the Medina ADAMH Board with programming through Alternative Paths.

Washington Apartments
• Housing units owned and operated by the Medina ADAMH Board with programming through Alternative Paths.