Addiction Treatment Program (ATP) Grant
• Provides funding for treatment and ancillary services for Specialized Docket Drug Court participants engaged with Medina Common Pleas Court.
• Funding available for participants eligible for Medication-Assisted Treatment services; with Opioid and/or Alcohol Use Disorders.

Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health (CJBH) Linkage Grant
• Provides funding for linkage services for individuals incarcerated at the Medina County Jail and Juvenile Detention Center.
• Assists with linking individuals to follow up treatment, medication and psychiatric services to prevent recidivism.

Jail Psychotropic Medication Assistance
• Received a grant to assist with the cost of psychotropic drugs dispensed in the Medina County Jail.

Medication Assisted Treatment- Prescription Drug and Opioid Addiction (MAT-PDOA) Grant
• Funding provided to Alternative Paths to expand or enhance access to Medication-Assisted Treatment services through an Opiate Response Team (ORT) for persons with an Opioid Use Disorder.

Medina County Health Department
• Narcan Kits available to the public through the Health Department's Project DAWN Clinic.

Medina County Opiate Response Team (MCORT)
• Grant funding to Alternative Paths for the Medina County Opiate Response Team, which was formed in partnership with the Medina County Sheriff’s Department.

Opiate Task Force
• Created an Opiate Task Force in partnership with the Medina County Health Department, which included over 200 members, and has led to building three working subcommittees.


Child Guidance & Family Solutions
• Contract to provide Early Childhood Mental Health services to Medina County preschools through the Whole Child Matters funding.

Inter-Agency Collaborative Assessment Team (ICAT)
• Assistance with services for those youth with severe and persistent mental health issues who have been unsuccessful in traditional forms of local treatment.

Medina County Juvenile Drug Court Program
• Funding through Alternative Paths to support the substance abuse and mental health treatment of teens involved with Medina Juvenile Court.

Prevention Services
• Funding through contracted agencies to provide school and community-wide.

Share Cluster
• Leadership events, youth Extreme Challenge, Tobacco Education, and Workshops.

Student Drug Testing Kits
• Medina City Schools and Wadsworth City Schools


Community Assessment & Treatment Services (CATS)
• ADAMH Board provided funding for all start-up expenses at CATS’ new residential treatment center.

Jail Clinical Services
• Funding to Alternative Paths to provide clinical services within the County Jail.

Medina County Common Pleas Mental Health Court
• Funding to Alternative Paths for Forensic Monitoring and Case Management services for Specialized Docket Mental Health Court participants engaged with Medina Common Pleas Court.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Medina County
• Funding provided to Alternative Paths to participate in education, support and advocacy for those living with mental illness and their families.

Recovery Support Systems Ad Hoc Committee
• Formed to identify and evaluate current recovery support systems in Medina County and make recommendations for ways to increase access and potentially expand and sustain those services.

State Addiction Conference
• Funding registrations for local providers and individuals in recovery.


HANDS Foundation
• Funding for Senior Prevention Services in Brunswick, Medina, Wadsworth and Lodi.

Catholic Charities Community Services- Medina County
• Home-Based Case Management for Seniors.


Cathy's House
• Support for Sober Living Facility.

Manhattan and Jefferson Apartments
• Housing units purchased by the Medina County ADAMH Board for long term housing.

Medina Metropolitan Housing Authority (MMHA)
• Contract with MMHA to manage properties for those with severe and persistent mental health issues, and to provide HUD/Housing consultation services.

Northland Place I and II
• Housing units owned and operated by the Medina ADAMH Board with programming through Alternative Paths.

Washington Apartments
• Housing units owned and operated by the Medina ADAMH Board with programming through Alternative Paths.