Frequently Asked Questions
1.   With what agencies does the ADAMH Board contract for services?
      Alternative Paths and Solutions Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.

2.  What kind of services are available?
      These agencies offer a full range of outpatient services.
       Please see their website for details:

       Alternative Paths

3.  How much do services cost?
      Many factors affect service cost, including type of service,
      individual versus group, etc.  In addition, your cost in
      most instances will be supported by other payors such as Medicare,
      Medicaid or iinsurance, depending on your circumstances.

4. Will Medicaid, Medicare and/or insurance be accepted?

5.  If I do not have insurance or adequate financial resources can I still 
     receive services?
     Yes.  The ADAMH Board provides funds specifically to its
     contract agencies to ensure services are available
     regardless of your ability to pay.  This is sometimes
     referred to as a sliding fee scale.

6.  Do the agencies have a psychiatrist on staff?

7. Where are you located?
     Solutions and Alternative Paths are located at:
     246 Northland Drive, Medina, OH  44256

Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities
Supporting Behavioral
Healthcare in Medina County



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